Heavy vs Light Duty Towing Services

If you need towing services, seeking assistance that matches your needs is vital. There are differences between heavy and light duty towing services, and learning more about these variations can help you find the right services. This video from Marietta Wrecker Service has an excellent explanation of light-duty towing and how it works.

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Most tow trucks are designed for light-duty towing. These vehicles are capable of towing most passenger vehicles. Typically, these trucks tow vehicles with a cable and winch, but some use other techniques like dolly towing.

While light-duty vehicles are highly efficient, larger vehicles are needed for towing construction equipment and other heavy vehicles. These vehicles are large enough to pull large equipment safely and often weigh more than 26,000 pounds. If you’re deciding between light and heavy-duty towing, it’s best to assess the size of your vehicle to see which type of towing would best suit your needs.

Weight plays a significant role in towing, and using the wrong towing services could cause problems. In addition to choosing the right type of towing, it’s best to prepare your vehicle before you have it towed. Take the time to remove personal items and ensure the emergency brakes are disengaged before your car is towed away.