What to Know About the New Arcadia Model

Is it time for an upgrade? Brian Mello has some exciting news about the next-generation 2024 GMC Arcadia!

After spot photos were taken of the prototype during a road test, many are excited about one significant change. While the new Arcadia was covered, it is clear that the rumors are true, and the Aracadia is moving away from mid-size crossover and going back to its roots, which was a full-size third-row crossover SUV.

This is an excellent decision since many drivers were unhappy about the downsize and were not interested in going into the larger and more expensive Yukon.

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With the new Arcadia, there is a comfortable third row with lots of legroom for everyone to stretch out and enjoy the ride and plenty of cargo space for kids and all their belongings. This new change will bring people looking for an upgrade back into dealerships.

If it’s time for an upgrade, and you love your current Arcadia and are not interested in the larger Yukon, it may be worth waiting for the next-generation Arcadia to hit dealerships. To learn more, consult the video we’ve linked above and search online for local dealers near you that offer this model or any other you have an interest in.