The Best Large Hose Clamps to Use

There are different types of large hose clamps, including T-bolts and worm clamps. Worm clamps are available just about anywhere, and they tend to be convenient to get and use.

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A T-bolt hose clamp may need to be specially ordered and can be harder to get ahold of, but it’s one of the best types of large hose clamps that are available. They are heavy-duty and quite strong when that’s what you need for your project.

Large hose clamps have different usability as well. A worm clamp can be tightened to provide about 20 to 30-inch pounds of hold. With a T-bolt hose clamp that’s the same size, you get about 80-inch pounds of torque. Many sizes of T-bolt large hose clamps provide as much as double the amount of torque. T-bolt clamps also provide a hold that is more likely to be free from leaks. Many people choose them for this reason.

When you’re looking at large hose clamps, consider the strength needed, the size you will need, and when you will need them. If you need them right away, you may have no choice but to get a worm clamp. If you can wait to order the clamp, you can get a T-bolt model.