What Is the Average Day Like for Auto Glass Replacement Services?

Auto-glass replacement technicians start their day early. They check their schedules to see the jobs lined up for the day. These jobs include replacing a broken windshield, fixing small chips, or installing new windows. The technicians gather the tools and glass they need for each job.

Sometimes, they drive for hours to pick up windshields from suppliers. Count on them to fix your screen. Typically, they fix windshields on all sorts of cars, including a Mazda CX-5 and a fancy 2022 Toyota RAV4. It’s vital that don’t accidentally order the wrong windshield for the cars.

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The first job might be at the auto glass replacement services shop. A customer comes in with a cracked windshield. The technician greets the customer, checks the damage, and explains the process. They carefully remove the damaged glass and clean the area. Then, they install the new windshield, making sure it fits perfectly.

Many technicians also offer mobile services. After finishing at the shop, they head out to customers’ locations. That can be at a customer’s home, work, or parking lot. The technician drives a van full of tools and replacement glass. They follow the GPS to the next job. Once there, they repeat the process of replacing or repairing the glass.

Around noon, technicians for a lunch break. Technicians might eat a packed lunch in their van or find a nearby restaurant. They use this time to rest and recharge for their afternoon jobs. The afternoon is usually busy. Technicians continue with more replacements or repairs.